09:00 - 10:30 - Room Dali Parallel Session 3 - ICE-B
  • 16: Resilient Sustainable Supply Chain Management - A Conceptual Framework Maruf H. Chowdhury, Mohammed Naim A. Dewan and Mohammed A. Quaddus
  • 39: Developing a Conceptual Framework to Structure an IT Organization using an Ontology Engineering Methodology Nelson Gama, Lukasz Ostrowski and Miguel Mira da Silva
  • 47: Evaluation of Maturity Models for Business Process Management - Maturity Models for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Johannes Britsch, Rebecca Bulander and Frank Morelli
  • 50: Leveraging the Software Ecosystem - Towards a Business Model Framework for Marketplaces Tobias Weiblen, Andrea Giessmann, Amir Bonakdar and Uli Eisert
09:00 - 10:30 - Room Valencia Parallel Session 3 - SECRYPT
  • 58: Homomorphic Primitives for a Privacy-friendly Smart Metering Architecture Benjamin Vetter, Osman Ugus, Dirk Westhoff and Christoph Sorge
  • 59: Flexible Redactable Signature Schemes for Trees - Extended Security Model and Construction Henrich C. Pöhls, Kai Samelin, Hermann de Meer and Joachim Posegga
  • 73: Extension of de Weger’s Attack on RSA with Large Public Keys Nicolas T. Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis and Pho V. Le
09:00 - 10:30 - Room Velazquez Parallel Session 3a - SECRYPT
  • 49: Building the Security Foundation to Embrace Public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - Security Policies for SaaS Data Protection Yuyu Chou, Jan Oetting and Olga Levina
  • 110: Key Management as a Service Liran Lerman, Olivier Markowitch and Jorge Nakahara Jr
  • 129: Data Repository for Security Information and Event Management in Service Infrastructures Igor Kotenko, Olga Polubelova and Igor Saenko
  • 137: Quantifying the Benefits of File Size Information for Forensic Hash Matching Johan Garcia
09:00 - 10:30 - Room Sevilla Parallel Session 3 - SIGMAP
  • 18: Adaptive Rate Control Scheme for Improving Quality of Multimedia in Broadband Wireless Networks Dooyeol Yoon, Dongchil Kim and Kwangsue Chung
  • 57: Time-frequency Filtering of Gaussian and Impulse Noise for Spread Spectrum Power Line Communication Gaoyong Luo
  • 75: Spaxels, Pixels in Space - A Novel Mode of Spatial Display Horst Hörtner, Matthew Gardiner, Roland Haring, Christopher Lindinger and Florian Berger
10:30 Coffee-Break (10:30 - 10:45)
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Dali Parallel Session 4 - ICE-B
  • 34: On the Development of Smart Adaptive User Interfaces for Mobile e-Business Applications - Towards Enhancing User Experience – Some Lessons Learned Andreas Holzinger, Michael Geier and Panagiotis Germanakos
  • 42: Planning, Designing and Evaluating Multiple eGovernment Interventions Fabrizio d'Amore, Luigi Laura, Luca Luciani and Fabio Pagliarini
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Valencia Parallel Session 4 - SECRYPT
  • 9: Reversible Steganographic Scheme with High Embedding Capacity using Dual Cover Images Nagaraj V. Dharwadkar and B. B. Amberker
  • 81: Voice Passwords Revisited Chenguang Yang, Ghaith Hammouri and Berk Sunar
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Sevilla Parallel Session 4 - SIGMAP
  • 44: Diffusion Tracking Algorithm for Image Segmentation Lassi Korhonen and Keijo Ruotsalainen
  • 58: Optimisation of Smoothing Parameter of Diffeomorphism Kernel Estimate for Bounded Random Data Molka Troudi and Faouzi Ghorbel
  • 60: Development of Computer Algorithms to Control a Weelchair through the Movement of the Head by Artificial Vision Ricardo Fuentes Covarrubias, Andrés Gerardo Fuentes Covarrubias, Cristina Conde Vilda, Isaac Martin de Diego and Enrique Cabello
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Velazquez Parallel Session 4 - WINSYS
  • 17: Implementation of the COST 273 Directional Channel Model in Microcell Scenarios Ivo Sousa, Maria Paula Queluz and António Rodrigues
  • 51: Sustainable Rural Areas - Network-based Architecture Farnaz Farid, Chun Ruan and Seyed Shahrestani
  • 52: QoE – Based Scheduling in WiMAX Networks Kalypso Magklara, Aggeliki Sgora, Dimitrios D. Vergados and Dimitris J. Vergados
12:15 - 13:15 - Room Plenary Making Sense of All Things Handwritten: From Postal Addresses to Tablet Notes Keynote Speaker: Venu Govindaraju
13:15 Lunch (13:15 - 14:30)
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Sevilla Parallel Session 5 - DCNET
  • 6: Digital Signature of Network Segment using Flow Analysis Alexandro M. Zacaron, Luiz F. Carvalho, Mario H. A. C. Adaniya, Taufik Abrão and Mario Lemes Proença Jr.
  • 10: Mobile Broadband Traffic Forecasts in Korea Chanwoo Cho and Sungjoo Lee
  • 19: Towards a CDN over ICN Byungjoon Lee, Hongseok Jeon, Seunghyun Yoon and Hoyoung Song
  • 20: Improving Network Performane - Management of Nonlinear Dynamics Seyed Shahrestani
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Dali Parallel Session 5 - ICE-B
  • 21: The Relative Importance of Teenagers’ Personal Characteristics on Technology Addiction Chan Jung Park and Jung Suk Hyun
  • 22: The Use of Internet as a Marketing Tool - Evaluating the Websites of Spain's Top Restaurants F. J. Miranda, S. Rubio, A. Chamorro and M. S. Janita
  • 48: ArchaeoApp Rome Edition (AARE): Making Invisible Sites Visible - e-Business Aspects of Historic Knowledge Discovery via Mobile Devices Katharina Holzinger, Gabi Koiner, Primoz Kosec, Markus Fassold and Andreas Holzinger
  • 55: Pattern Characterization in Multivariate Data Series using Fuzzy Logic - Applications to e-Health W. Fajardo, M. Molina-Solana and M. C. Valenza
  • 56: Measurement and Concepts of Individual Application Capability of e-Business Chui Young Yoon and Sung Koo Hong
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Valencia Parallel Session 5 - SECRYPT
  • 63: Verifying Privacy by Little Interaction and No Process Equivalence Denis Butin and Giampaolo Bella
  • 64: A Security Analysis of Emerging Web Standards - HTML5 and Friends, from Specification to Implementation Philippe De Ryck, Lieven Desmet, Frank Piessens and Wouter Joosen
  • 75: Biometric Identification in Virtual Worlds using Biometric Fusion Techniques Ahmed Al-Khazzar and Nick Savage
  • 79: On the Development of Totally Self-checking Hardware Design for the SHA-1 Hash Function Harris E. Michail, George S. Athanasiou, Andreas Gregoriades, George Theodoridis and Costas E. Goutis
  • 116: Some Remarks on Keystroke Dynamics - Global Surveillance, Retrieving Information and Simple Countermeasures Marek Klonowski, Piotr Syga and Wojciech Wodo
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Velazquez Parallel Session 5 - WINSYS
  • 1: Optimal MAC PDU Size in ARQ-enabled Connections in IEEE 802.16e/WiMAX Systems Oran Sharon and Yaron Alpert
  • 19: Improving the Reliability of a Train Positioning System through the Use of Full Coverage Radio Communication Technologies - Performance Study of a TETRA Network to Transmit Position Information Roberto Carballedo, Pablo Fernández, Unai Hernández Jayo and Asier Perallos
  • 24: Investigation of a Radio Propagation Model for Vegetation Scatter Dynamic Channels at BFWA Frequencies Sérgio Morgadinho, Juergen Richter, Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha and Telmo R. Fernandes
  • 2: Efficient Coupled PHY and MAC Use of Physical Bursts in WiMAX/IEEE 802.16e Networks Oran Sharon, Gassan Tabajah and Yaron Alpert
16:30 Coffee-Break (16:30 - 16:45)
16:30 - 17:30 - Foyer Posters Session 1
  • 3: TRAFIL - A Tool for Enhancing Simulation TRAce FILes Processing Christos Bouras, Savvas Charalambides, George Kioumourztis and Kostas Stamos
  • 8: Hash Algorithms for 8051-based Sensornodes Manuel Koschuch, Matthias Hudler and Michael Krüger
  • 17: Strictness of Rate-latency Service Curves Ulrich Klehmet and Kai-Steffen Hielscher
  • 38: A Mobile Information System for Improved Navigation in Public Transport - User Centered Design, Development, Evaluation and e-Business Scenarios of a Mobile Roadmap Application Bernhard Peischl, Martina Ziefle and Andreas Holzinger
  • 49: Collaborative Security Management Services for Port Information Systems Theodoros Ntouskas and Nineta Polemi
  • 8: AMO-OFDM Signal Delivery of 20 Gbit/S throughput in 20-Km Single Loopback Fiber Link Employing Baseband I/Q Separation - Adaptive Optical OFDM Modulation and Separate I/Q Baseband Signal Transmission with Remotely-fed RSOAs for Colorless ONU in Next-generation WDM Access Jeong-Min Joo, Moon-Ki Hong, Dung Tien Pham and Sang-Kook Han
  • 12: Flexible Group Key Exchange with On-demand Computation of Subgroup Keys Supporting Subgroup Key Randomization Keita Emura and Takashi Sato
  • 26: On Secure Communication over Wireless Sensor Networks Stefan Rass and Michał Koza
  • 87: Attack Modelling and Security Evaluation for Security Information and Event Management Igor Kotenko, Andrey Chechulin and Evgenia Novikova
  • 135: The Concept of Compatibility between Identity-based and Certificateless Encryption Schemes Antigoni Polychroniadou, Konstantinos Chalkias and George Stephanides
  • 143: iSATS: Leveraging Identity Based Sender Authentication for Spam Mitigation Sufian Hameed, Tobias Kloht and Xiaoming Fu
  • 160: Defense Against TCP Flooding Attack Seungyong Yoon, Jintae Oh, Ikkyun Kim and Jongsoo Jang
  • 167: Network-based Executable File Extraction and Analysis for Malware Detection Byoungkoo Kim, Ikkyun Kim and Tai-Myoung Chung
  • 7: Computer Games Sound Effects - Recording, Postproduction and Existing Database Bartosz Ziółko, Martyna Gromotka and Mariusz Ziółko
  • 11: MPEG-4/AVC versus MPEG-2 in IPTV Stefan Paulsen, Tadeus Uhl and Krzysztof Nowicki
  • 45: Optimal Multidimensional Signal Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks Anatoli Torokhti and Stan Miklavcic
  • 3: Differential Space Time Block Codes for High Mobility Scenarios Benigno Rodríguez
  • 12: Bandwidth Analysis of the Ubiquitous Video Conferencing Application Neil Arellano, Aleksander Milshteyn, Eric Diaz, Sergio Mendoza, Helen Boussalis and Charles Liu
  • 42: New Mobility Metric based on MultiPoint Relay Life Duration Ali Ouacha, Noureddine Lakki, Ahmed Habbani and Jamal El Abbadi
  • 46: Student Experience - Issues of Wireless Access and Cloud Deployment in Higher Education Vladlena Benson and Stephanie Morgan