09:00 - 10:30 - Room M201 Parallel Session 5A - SECRYPT
  • 33: On the Security of the XOR Sandwiching Paradigm for Multiple Keyed Block Ciphers Ruth Ng Ii-Yung, Khoongming Khoo and Raphael C.-W. Phan
  • 110: Enhanced Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST Nicolas T. Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis and Michal Misztal
  • 120: From a Logical Approach to Internal States of Hash Functions Florian Legendre, Gilles Dequen and Michaël Krajecki
  • 127: Recovering RSA Private Keys on Implementations with Tampered LSBs Constantinos Patsakis
09:00 - 10:30 - Room V201 Parallel Session 5B - SECRYPT
  • 51: Policy-based Security Assessment of Mobile End-user Devices - An Alternative to Mobile Device Management Solutions for Android Smartphones Thomas Zefferer and Peter Teufl
  • 59: Intent Security Testing - An Approach to Testing the Intent-based Vulnerability of Android Components Sébastien Salva, Stassia R. Zafimiharisoa and Patrice Laurençot
  • 95: Instance-based Anomaly Method for Android Malware Detection Borja Sanz, Igor Santos, Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero, Carlos Laorden, Javier Nieves and Pablo G. Bringas
  • 128: On the Effectiveness of Dynamic Taint Analysis for Protecting against Private Information Leaks on Android-based Devices Golam Sarwar, Olivier Mehani, Roksana Boreli and Mohamed-Ali Kaafar
09:00 - 10:30 - Room M208 Parallel Session 5A - SIGMAP
  • 39: Automatic Attendance Rating of Movie Content using Bag of Audio Words Representation Avi Bleiweiss
  • 40: Towards Live Subtitling of TV Ice-hockey Commentary Aleš Pražák, Josef V. Psutka, Josef Psutka and Zdeněk Loose
  • 44: A Data Cube Model for Surveillance Video Indexing and Retrieval Hansung Lee, Sohee Park and Jang-Hee Yoo
09:00 - 10:30 - Room M209 Parallel Session 5A - WINSYS
  • 11: Modulation-mode and Power Assignment in SVD-assisted MIMO Systems with Transmitter-side Antennas Correlation Andreas Ahrens, Francisco Cano-Broncano and César Benavente-Peces
  • 18: Capacity Analysis of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks under SINR Interference Constraints W. Mansouri, K. Mnif, F. Zarai, M. S. Obaidat and L. Kamoun
  • 32: Low Latency of Re-authentication during Handover - Re-authentication using a Signed Token in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks Hassane Aissaoui, Pascal Urien and Guy Pujolle
10:30 Coffee-Break (10:30 - 10:45)
10:45 - 12:15 - Room M209 Parallel Session 6A - DCNET
  • 8: Resource-aware Virtualization for Industrial Networks - A Novel Architecture Combining Resource Management, Policy Control and Network Virtualization for Networks in Automation or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Networks Hans-Peter Huth and Amine M. Houyou
  • 9: Token-based Authentication for Smartphones - Position Paper Manuel Koschuch, Matthias Hudler, Hubert Eigner and Zsolt Saffer
  • 14: A New Approach for Detection of Host Identity in IPv6 Networks Libor Polcák, Martin Holkovič and Petr Matousek
10:45 - 12:15 - Room M208 Parallel Session 6A - ICE-B
  • 7: Integrating User-centred Design in an Early Stage of Mobile Medical Application Prototyping - A Case Study on Data Acquistion in Health Organisations Bernhard Peischl, Michaela Ferk and Andreas Holzinger
  • 20: RestContext - A Service Framework for Context Retrieval Leon O. Burkard, Andreas C. Sonnenbichler and Andreas Geyer-Schulz
  • 27: Data Model and Data Access Control Method on Service Platform for Smart Public Infrastructure Yohei Kawada, Kojin Yano, Yoshihiro Mizuno and Hirofumi Terada
10:45 - 12:15 - Room M201 Parallel Session 6A - SECRYPT
  • 30: LMM - A Common Component for Software License Management on Cloud Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Andre Rein, Yuto Nakano, Carsten Rudolph and Yutaka Miyake
  • 38: Redactable Signature Scheme for Tree-structured Data based on Merkle Tree Shoichi Hirose and Hidenori Kuwakado
  • 40: SVD-based Digital Image Watermarking on approximated Orthogonal Matrix Yevhen Zolotavkin and Martti Juhola
  • 46: Massive Group Message Authentication with Revocable Anonymity Boaz Catane and Amir Herzberg
10:45 - 12:15 - Room V201 Parallel Session 6B - SECRYPT
  • 29: Topological Study and Lyapunov Exponent of a Secure Steganographic Scheme Jacques M. Bahi, Nicolas Friot and Christophe Guyeux
  • 68: Preimage Attack on BioHashing Patrick Lacharme, Estelle Cherrier and Christophe Rosenberger
  • 98: Symmetric Searchable Encryption for Exact Pattern Matching using Directed Acyclic Word Graphs Rolf Haynberg, Jochen Rill, Dirk Achenbach and Jörn Müller-Quade
  • 119: The Usability of CAPTCHAs on Smartphones Gerardo Reynaga and Sonia Chiasson
12:15 - 13:15 - Room M101 IP-Oriented QoS and QoE in the Next Generation Networks: application to wireless networks Keynote Speaker: Pascal Lorenz
13:15 - 13:30 - Room M101 Closing Session
13:30 Lunch (13:30 - 14:45)