09:00 Welcome Desk & Registration (09:00 - 18:00)
09:30 - 10:30 - Room FH HS 1 Keynote Lecture Advanced Persistent Threats & Social Engineering Edgar Weippl, Secure Business Austria - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
10:30 Coffee-Break (10:30 - 10:45)
10:45 - 11:45 - Room FH HS 1 European Project Space Panel

EPS Chair:
Andreas Holzinger, Medical University Graz, Austria,

EPS Participants:
Jürgen Rattenberger, Unit for Information and Communication Technologies, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austria
Enrique Cabello, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Katharina Morik, TU Dortmund University, Germany (Not Confirmed)
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Hörsaal FH 2 Parallel Session 3 - OPTICS
  • 21: HYRA: An Efficient Hybrid Reporting Method for XG-PON Upstream Resource Allocation Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Georgios Papadimitriou, Petros Nicopolitidis, Emmanouel Varvarigos and Konstantinos Yiannopoulos
  • 23: On the Prediction of EPON Traffic Using Polynomial Fitting in Optical Network Units I. Mamounakis, K. Yiannopoulos, G. Papadimitriou and E. Varvarigos
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Zeichensaal 3 European Project Space Session 1 - e- Business and Telecommunications and Data Management
  • Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs (I-DONT-FALL)
    Presenter: Dr Milan Markovic

  • Service disTRibution network And Tools for intEroperable proGrammable, and UnIfied public Cloud services (STRATEGIC)
    Presenter: Dr Milan Markovic

  • Internet Shopping Optimization (IShOP)
    Presenter: Dr. Jedrzej Musial

  • Advanced multi-paRametric Monitoring and analysis for diagnosis and Optimal management of epilepsy and Related brain disorders (ARMOR)
    Presenter: Ms. Elena Turco

    Presenter: Enrique Cabello (to be confirmed)
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Hörsaal FH 3 Parallel Session 3 - ICE-B
  • 18: Business Models for Cloud-based High Perfomance Computing Service Provision - Insights from the Swiss Higher Education Sector Markus Eurich and Roman Boutellier
  • 15: Towards Real-time Collaboration in User Interface Mashups Alexey Tschudnowsky, Michael Hertel, Fabian Wiedemann and Martin Gaedke
  • 17: Energizing People’s Work - Transforming Organizations Through Gamification Bernhard Peischl, Johannes Schantl and Andreas Holzinger
  • 35: Usability for Blended Shopping - Solving Major Flaws by Applying Usability Engineering and Proven Integration Technologies Britta Fuchs and Thomas Ritz
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Hörsaal FH 4 Parallel Session 3a - ICE-B
  • 24: Location Data – A Trade-off between Control and Value - Business Model Implications Jonas Breuer, Heritiana Ranaivoson, Uschi Buchinger and Pieter Ballon
  • 44: The Use of Social Media to Enrich Information Systems Field Trip Experiences Laddawan Kaewkitipong, Charlie Chen and Peter Ractham
  • 47: Open Source Geographic Information System and Petrel Software - Adaptation and Integration B. Sadoun, O. Al-Bayari and Samih Al Rawashdeh
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Hörsaal FH 5 Parallel Session 3 - SIGMAP
  • 4: Clothes Change Detection Using the Kinect Sensor Dimitris Sgouropoulos, Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Sergios Petridis, Stavros Perantonis and Antonis Korakis
  • 14: Basic Concept of Cuckoo Search Algorithm for 2D Images Processing with Some Research Results - An Idea to Apply Cuckoo Search Algorithm in 2D Images Key-points Search Marcin Woźniak and Dawid Połap
  • 19: HMM-based Breath and Filled Pauses Elimination in ASR Piotr Żelasko, Tomasz Jadczyk and Bartosz Ziółko
11:45 - 13:15 - Room FH HS 1 Parallel Session 3 - SECRYPT
  • 74: FORCE - Fully Off-line secuRe CrEdits for Mobile Micro Payments Vanesa Daza, Roberto Di Pietro, Flavio Lombardi and Matteo Signorini
  • 25: Robust Multispectral Palmprint Identification System by Jointly Using Contourlet Decomposition & Gabor Filter Response Abdallah Meraoumia, Salim Chitroub and Ahmed Bouridane
  • 32: Efficient Construction of Infinite Length Hash Chains with Perfect Forward Secrecy Using Two Independent Hash Functions Sebastian Bittl
13:15 Lunch (13:15 - 14:30)
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Hörsaal FH 2 Parallel Session 4 - SIGMAP
  • 28: An Application Supporting Gastroesophageal Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance-pH Analysis Piotr Tojza, Dawid Gradolewski and Grzegorz Redlarski
  • 17: Image Display System Using Bamboo-blind Type Screen that Can Discharge Smell Keisuke Tomono, Rei Shu, Mana Tanaka and Akira Tomono
  • 20: Food Image Presentation System that Discharge Smell Through Screen and Psychological Effect Akira Tomono, Mana Tanaka, Rei Shu and Keisuke Tomono
  • 64: An Integrated Approach for Efficient Analysis of Facial Expressions Mehdi Ghayoumi and Arvind K. Bansal
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Zeichensaal 3 European Project Space Session 2 - System Simulation and Software Technologies
  • Advanced Design and Verification Environment for Cyber-physical System Engineering (ADVANCE )
    Presenter: Mr. Vitaly Savicks

    Presenter: Eng. Maria Teresa Parra-Santos

  • Intelligent welding clamp design software using computer-aided optimization for SMEs to achievehigh precision assembly (CLAMPIT)+ STEPMAN + Development of a very low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display capable of displaying textual and graphical information as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired (TACMON2)
    Presenter: Mr. Norbert Pomázi

  • Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption (RISCOSS)
    Presenters: Mr. Oscar Franco-Bedoya, Dr. Mirko Morandini

  • Smart Building Project
    Presenter: Dr. Muhammad Asfand-e-yar
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Hörsaal FH 3 Parallel Session 4 - ICE-B
  • 14: Do Specific Text Features Influence Click Probabilities in Paid Search Advertising? Tobias Blask
  • 34: How to Efficiently Solve Internet Shopping Optimization Problem with Price Sensitive Discounts? Jedrzej Musial, Johnatan E. Pecero, Mario C. Lopez, Hector J. Fraire, Pascal Bouvry and Jacek Blazewicz
  • 37: Semantic and Syntactic Matching of e-Catalogues - Using Vector Space Model Ahmad Mehrbod, Aneesh Zutshi and António Grilo
  • 39: Toward Building Aesthetic, Useful and Readable Tag Clouds for Websites Jakub Marszałkowski, Łukasz Rusiecki, Maciej Drozdowski and Hubert Narożny
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Hörsaal FH 4 Parallel Session 4 - WINSYS
  • 4: Resource Allocation in GMD and SVD-based MIMO System Andreas Ahrens, Francisco Cano-Broncano and César Benavente-Peces
  • 8: A Simultaneous Network Search Scheme for Fast Roaming and Handover of the Simultaneous Voice and LTE Mobile Devices Minsuk Ko, Myungchul Kim and Sungwon Kang
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Hörsaal FH 5 Parallel Session 4a - SIGMAP
  • 30: Three-stage Unstructured Filter for Removing Mixed Gaussian plus Random Impulse Noise Fitri Utaminingrum, Keiichi Uchimura and Gou Koutaki
  • 46: Real-time Local Stereo Matching Using Edge Sensitive AdaptiveWindows Maarten Dumont, Patrik Goorts, Steven Maesen, Philippe Bekaert and Gauthier Lafruit
  • 40: 3D Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Multiple Description Video Coding Jing Chen, Canhui Cai and Li Li
14:30 - 16:00 - Room FH HS 1 Parallel Session 4 - SECRYPT
  • 17: CloudaSec: A Novel Public-key Based Framework to Handle Data Sharing Security in Clouds Nesrine Kaaniche, Maryline Laurent and Mohammed El Barbori
  • 52: Pairing-free Single Round Certificateless and Identity Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and C. Pandu Rangan
  • 79: Identifying Cryptographic Functionality in Android Applications Alexander Oprisnik, Daniel Hein and Peter Teufl
16:00 Coffee-Break (16:00 - 16:45)
16:00 - 17:00 - Studierraum Posters Session 3
  • 3: Identification Technology of Mobile Phone Devices Using RFF Saulius Japertas, Aurelijus Budnikas and Gedeiminas Činčikas
  • 5: Monitoring Wi-Fi Radiation Levels at Residences in Kuwait - A Field Survey Fuad Alkoot
  • 7: An Effective Alert-Message Routing Protocol for Urban VANETs Hsing-Lung Chen, Han-Ju Hsieh and Shu-Hua Hu
  • 45: Automatic Letter/Pillarbox Detection for Optimized Display of Digital TV Lúcia Carreira and Maria Paula Queluz
  • 50: Gabor Fused to 2DPCA for Face Recognition Faten Bellakhdhar, Kais Loukil and Mohamed Abid
  • 54: Image Stitching with Efficient Brightness Fusion and Automatic Content Awareness Yu Tang and Jungpil Shin
  • 55: Why Using the Alpha-stable Distribution in Neuroimage? Diego Salas-Gonzalez, Juan M. Górriz, Javier Ramírez and Elmar W. Lang
  • 63: Comparison of Adaptive Filters for Wavelet Generation A. Gayathri , M. S. Sinith and S. Chithra
  • 65: Gender Classification Using M-Estimator Based Radial Basis Function Neural Network Chien-Cheng Lee
  • 46: Using the Juliet Test Suite to Compare Static Security Scanners Andreas Wagner and Johannes Sametinger
  • 59: Framework Implementation Based on Grid of Smartcards to Authenticate Users and Virtual Machines Hassane Aissaoui-Mehrez, Pascal Urien and Guy Pujolle
  • 68: Modeling Requirements for Security-enhanced Design of Embedded Systems Alberto Ferrante, Igor Kaitovic and Jelena Milosevic
  • 80: NFC Based Mobile Single Sign-On Solution as a Chrome Extension Ufuk Celikkan and Can Gelis
  • 81: Secure Virtual Machine Migration (SV2M) in Cloud Federation Muhammad Awais Shibli, Naveed Ahmad, Ayesha Kanwal and Abdul Ghafoor
17:00 - 18:00 - Room FH HS 1 Keynote Lecture Model-driven Development of Multi-View Modelling Tools - The MUVIEMOT Approach Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna, Austria
20:00 Social Event (20:00 - 23:00)